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Architectural Design Firm

Palm Desert, California
Vue Restaurant Indian Wells
RC Design

RC Design, Inc. is an architectural design firm located in Palm Desert California. As a multidisciplinary firm, its team works across numerous specialties to deliver expertise and insight to its clients.

Okura Sushi Bar
Design & Architectural Services

Services Offered - Architectural Design / Project Estimating / Project Management Services / Construction Management Services / Design/Build Services / Initial Client Project Site Review / Plan Check & Plan Quality Control Review / Value Engineering Review / Public Utility Coordination Design.

Architecture & Design Portfolio

RC Design, Inc.’s architecture portfolio includes office facilities, restaurants, medical buildings, and more.


We work in close partnership with our clients to create designs that solve for their most pressing challenges and meet their key business objectives.


O'Caine's Irish Pub
Eko Plastic Surgery Center
Contact Us

Contact us for business or press inquiries or just to say hello, we would love to hear from you! Call us directly at 760-892-1494 or email us


Residential projects
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